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Yuma PD Warns Against Discharging Firearms At New Years

Yuma, AZ — On New Year’s Eve the Yuma Police Department responds to numerous reports of “shots fired” within the city limits. Some people discharge a firearm into the air to bring in the New Year.

Chief John Lekan said, “This is a dangerous practice and there is no place for it in our community. Illegally discharging a firearm in the city limits places citizens at risk of injury or death. Those caught discharging a weapon in this manner will be subject to arrest and prosecution.”

We want to keep our community safe. This New Year’s Eve you can choose not to participate in this type of celebration and help keep your family, friends and others safe.  

The Yuma Police Department would like to remind the community this is a felony offense and encourage anyone that witnesses this type of criminal activity to call the police department immediately.

Additionally, we want to remind citizens that although they can now possess or use novelty/minor types of fireworks, such as ground and hand-held sparkler devices, cone fountains, illuminating torches, spinning wheels and toy smoke devices, many types of fireworks still remain illegal in Arizona. Specifically those designed to rise into the air and explode or detonate above the ground.  Those include firework items commonly known as bottle rockets, sky rockets, missile-type rockets, helicopters, torpedoes, roman candles and jumping jacks.


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