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Yuma Mayor Sues City Council

Mayor-Alan-KriegerYuma Mayor Alan Krieger has sued his city council, City Administrator Greg Wilkinson and Finance Director Pat Wicks for over $15,000 he says he accumulated in legal fees after the city council brought an investigation against him last year. 

Krieger has retained Joshua W. Carden of Tempe in his defense.  In February, 2012, the council hired outside legal counsel to investigate allegations he misused information about a federal employee or threatened a federal employee for his personal benefit.  

The issue first came before the council when former mayor Marilyn Young during call the public at a January, 2012 meeting accused Krieger of conflict of interest, violations of the city charter and Open Meetings Law and abuse of his position. 

An independent council report was released in May, 2012, concluding that there was sufficient evidence that Krieger quote - “has committed misconduct as a member of the elected body that constitutes violations of the Arizona conflict of interest statutes, Open Meeting Law, possible misuse of federal employee confidential information under the Federal Privacy Act, threatening and coercion of members of the Council to change or secure their votes in his favor and against this investigation for his personal benefit, abusive or inappropriate conduct directed to other members of the legislative body, of City officials, and possibly of City staff, and violations of the strictures of the Yuma City Charter establishing the Council-Manager form of government and prohibiting interference in the administration of the City government.”  

Wilkinson says the city will retain an outside attorney to defend this latest case.

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