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No Weapon Found After School Lockdown

The Yuma Police Department says after a daylong search, no weapon was found on the Rancho Viejo School campus.  The search was promoted after a student reported to a faculty member they saw another student with a gun. 

Sargent Leann Worthen addressed the media Tuesday afternoon.  She was pleased with the way her department and the schools involved were prepared and acted quickly.

Crane Elementary Superintendent Robert Klee says his students and faculty at both Rancho Viejo and neighboring Salida Del Sol did exactly what they are trained to do in situations like this.

Superintendent Klee added that his schools will operate on a normal schedule today.  Worthen added there have been no arrests and no injuries during the incident.  An ambulance was called to the scene, but they were on standby and one faculty member was taken away due to a diabetic condition.

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