Sunday, December 9th, 2018


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PLEASE NOTE:Station contests are only open to listeners who reside within the Station’s listening area, the Station’s TSA (total survey area) as defined by Arbitron Inc.  Station listeners via internet streaming should not participate in on-air contesting due to technical delay and geographic scope of the internet. In an effort to control streaming fees and bandwidth costs, we have activated a time-out feature on our web player. The player will stop streaming (time-out) after one hour.  What this means is, if you launch the player, minimize it, then leave it untouched for one hour, the stream will stop until you click the start button to resume streaming.
Live streaming available only to users within the Unites States
iTunes or other media player 


Question: Why do I hear different commercials, public service announcements and music when you’re regular playing commercials over the actual airwaves?

Answer: Contracts with certain voice-over actors/talent and commercial production agencies prohibit us from carrying our normal over-the-air commercials. Most of these are extracted from the stream. We then insert specials ads into the stream so you don’t hear dead air for minutes at a time. We play free public service announcements as way of helping non-profit and community groups get their messages out. We sometimes play some music, because… well, we’re radio – and we like music.

Question: Why am I hearing your stream on a delay from the over the air broadcasts?

Answer: We send our over the air signal to a streaming company who then processes it and sends it out over the internet. This creates some delay. More delay is caused intentionally to allow the tuner a “buffer” which picks up scrambled bits and bites and then reassembles them so that it sounds as if nothing has been missed in the process. In other words, it creates less drop-out this way.

Question: I’ve emailed you a question, comment, complaint or compliment and haven’t heard back from you today or yesterday! Why not?

Answer: We wish we could respond to everyone immediately, but we do not have 24/7 customer support. Please know that we do appreciate all feedback and do try to get back to everyone eventually.

Question: Why do you “block” some programs on your stream that I can hear on you over the air radio station?

Answer: Sometimes (not often), we do not have the rights to stream certain sports or music programs. We do streaming for free – but not everybody does – so if we stream something for free that someone else is charging a fee for – well you know… that’s why law degrees are so popular!



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