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City Of Yuma Sign Survey

The City of Yuma invites residents to complete a fast, four-question survey designed to collect their general thoughts prior to a planned update of the City’s ordinance regulating the use of signs. The informal survey asks City residents to rate their level of support for the use of “feather banners,” which also go under several names such as vertical banners. The survey also asks residents to rate how effective these signs are in convincing them to stop at a business that has posted one. Survey takers will also have space to provide their own comments on the issue. City staff has made two presentations to the City Council regarding feather banners, which are currently not permitted under the City’s sign code despite having bloomed across the cityscape in recent years. The Council has expressed a desire to gather more data from citizens and business owners about the use of and desire for these banners before amending the ordinance or enforcing the code to existing standards. Staff is seeking input from residents through use of this survey.

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