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Board Of Supervisors Considers County Dog Pound

The Yuma County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday (22) and are considering opening a county run dog pound. 

The Yuma Sun reports that the board is looking into the prospect of constructing a $1.5 million building that would link the program with San Luis, Somerton, Wellton and Yuma. 

The cost to run the Humane Society of Yuma program is growing.  It is expected that they will spend $153,000 in 2013 to operate the shelter the way the current program is.  

The new facility would run about $225,000 per year to operate and would include kennel services.  If stray animals are brought in, they would have five days to be picked up.  Then the county would either send them to the Humane Society of Yuma, send them to a rescue group for adoption or be euthanized.

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