Friday, October 21st, 2016
  • Schilling asks Tapper: Why do Jews vote Democrat?

    Curt Schilling threw CNN's Jake Tapper a curveball Friday when he asked why many Jews support the Democratic Party. […]

  • Russian request to monitor vote gets a 'nyet'

    Louisiana has said "nyet" to a Russian request to send its diplomats to monitor polling stations on Election Day, according to a letter from a state official provided to CNN. […]

  • Archbishop: Trump and Clinton prayed together

    The day after a tense debate where the two leading presidential candidates did not even shake hands, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump came together Thursday night to pray, Archbishop of New York Timothy Dolan said Friday. […]

  • ISIS executes hundreds of residents

    The Iraqi city of Kirkuk has been hit by multiple attacks by ISIS fighters, sources said Friday. Images broadcast on local television showed what appeared to be dead or injured fighters on the street. The attack comes as Iraqi and Kurdish forces battle ISIS militants in Iraq's second-largest city of Mosul. Oil-rich Kirkuk has been the site of previous attacks by ISIS militants. Kirkuk is 235 […]

  • White House: 'Filipino Mike Pence' tries to walk back Duterte's comments

    The White House said Friday that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's announcement of his country's "separation" from the US was "offensive," as Duterte doubled down on his intent to turn away from Washington on foreign policy. […]

  • NFL 1-game ban renews rage

    When New York Giants kicker Josh Brown's one-game suspension for an alleged domestic violence incident was announced two months ago, it drew sharp criticism. […]

  • Widespread outage darkens Internet

    A number of popular websites like Amazon and Netflix were down for some users on Friday morning in what appears to be a massive DDoS attack. […]

  • Opinion: Trump's cowardly rejection of democracy

    As the countdown to the November 8 election proceeds, one major party candidate continues his jihad against American democracy, twisting the knife ever deeper not just into himself and his unhinged quest for the most powerful position on the planet but into the very heart of our body politic. And his surrogates defend his doing so by deliberately misapplying what happened 16 years ago in Bush v. […]

  • LinkedIn hacking suspect indicted

    A grand jury has issued a criminal indictment against Yevgeniy Aleksandrovich Nikulin, a 29-year-old Russian accused of hacking LinkedIn, Dropbox and a third web service. […]

  • Wonder Woman named UN ambassador

    Apparently, it takes a superhero to advocate for the rights of women. […]