Thursday, February 23rd, 2017
  • Employee disappears with $100M

    A major European conglomerate says one of its employees in South Korea has gone missing -- along with $100 million. […]

  • Bannon and Pence send EU conflicting messages

    White House strategist Steve Bannon described the European Union as a flawed institution to Germany's US envoy a week before Vice President Mike Pence reaffirmed the US commitment to the EU in Brussels, two diplomatic sources with knowledge of the conversation told CNN. […]

  • US troops wounded on the front lines

    US troops operating around Mosul have come under fire from ISIS and some have been wounded in the last six to eight weeks as they have moved closer to the front lines in Iraq, military officials acknowledged Tuesday. […]

  • The tech solutions to end global hunger

    What do you do when you see or hear something strange and want to learn more? Perhaps no one around you knows, so you go online or turn to social media. […]

  • Woman berates McConnell at town hall

    A frustrated woman yells at Sen. Mitch McConnell as congressional Republicans are facing angry constituents back home. […]

  • Doctor gets life sentence for botched surgery

    Former neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of intentionally inflicting injury to an elderly patient. […]

  • Emails reveal EPA head Pruitt's collaboration with energy giants

    In June 2013, a top lobbyist at Devon Energy, an Oklahoma-based oil and natural gas giant, sent one of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt's top officials a draft letter objecting to recently proposed federal regulations on fracking. […]

  • Democratic divisions were on display at DNC debate

    Democrats are days away from choosing a new party leader in a race that will help determine how to fight President Donald Trump. But to get there, they also are revisiting the bitter split of the 2016 presidential primary. […]

  • The boy who survived 8 days in Haiti's rubble

    Amid devastation, hope. […]

  • Chicago public schools plan to keep ICE out

    Chicago Public Schools say they will deny federal immigration agents access to district buildings and personnel unless served with a criminal warrant, the latest in a series of steps taken by US school officials to protect undocumented students. […]