Saturday, August 27th, 2016
  • Trump: 'I will fix' inner cities

    Donald Trump tweeted Saturday that tragedies like the death of NBA star Dwyane Wade's cousin are one of the reasons African-Americans will vote for the Republican nominee. […]

  • Helping the homeless, one song at a time

    On a rainy August afternoon, Chris Leamy sat on a pavement and waited for passersby to drop a dollar or two. But the 29-year-old isn't homeless. With a guitar in hand, he sits by homeless people in New York City and tries to help them boost their gains by playing a few tunes. […]

  • ISIS video shows boys executing prisoners

    ISIS has released a video online showing five young boys killing five prisoners. […]

  • Scientist simulates black hole in lab

    Haifa-based scientist Jeff Steinhauer has simulated a black hole in his laboratory, and it might be the breakthrough that helps celebrated physicist Stephen Hawking win the Nobel Prize. CNN's Ian lee reports. […]

  • First look at sunken WWII-era aircraft carrier

    Scientists were able to use remotely operated vehicles to explore the USS Independence for the first time in 65 years. […]

  • Turkey helps rebels take Syrian town

    Turkey flexed its military muscle across the border in war-torn Syria this week by helping rebels retake the border town of Jarablus from ISIS, marking a decisive win for the Free Syrian Army. […]

  • Italy earthquake: Grieving nation begins burying dead

    Italy began the painful task of burying its dead Saturday following a massive earthquake -- as aftershocks rattled the heart of the country and the death toll climbed to 290. […]

  • Man arrested in nuns' deaths

    A man has been arrested in the stabbing deaths of two nuns whose bodies were found this week in their home in rural Mississippi, authorities said. […]

  • Mom: My daughter is a heroin addict

    The American heroin epidemic has become more dangerous, as reports of heroin laced with carfentanil are being reported throughout the country. CNN's Rachel Crane speaks to a drug addict about the outbreak. […]

  • Survivor: 'We've lost everything'

    Residents and rescue workers in Amatrice, Italy react to the devastation of earthquakes that killed over 250 people and reduced much of the town to rubble. […]